There are many ways to manage talent effectively. When considering E,D & I and the policy directives coming from Government about gender (the Davies review) and race (The McGregor-Smith Review, NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard) with disability (NHS Disability Equality Standard), sexuality and other protected characteristics to follow, it is essential to have effective strategies in place. We run a number of workshops to improve employee diversity and inclusion:

  • Inclusive Recruitment, Retention¬†and Selection
  • Effective Diversity & Inclusion for Managers – what every manager needs to know about Equality, Training and Inclusion (what can and can’t you say to a diverse employee?)
  • Women in Leadership – harnessing and developing female talent
  • Black & Ethnic Minorities in Leadership – identifying and developing future BAME leaders
  • Strengthening Teams Through Inclusion – addressing the elephant in the room in a safe and secure environment

Our workshops are uniquely designed and expertly facilitated by our team within a safe environment that inspires engaging conversations. We aim to increase understanding and expand perspectives. We can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but we can show them tricks the other dogs are doing so they are aware of what is going on around them. We aim for participants to examine their own thoughts, behaviours, experiences and reactions – all with the purpose of creating greater teamwork and leveraging the contributions of each employee to produce better results.